How to Find and Delete Duplicate Photos On Your Computer Using PhotoDeduper

    1. The first step is performing search by clicking Perform Search label or click Search -> New from menu.
    2. Select folder(s) you want to search for duplicate photos or images by clicking Add button or drag and drop them from Windows Explorer.
    3. You can modify the search settings (optional) by clicking gear button. After that click Ok.
    4. Click Ok button.
PhotoDeduper will begin search for similar duplicates and exact duplicates (file copies). Wait until it finished.

The next step is to mark images you want to delete. You can click Auto Mark from menu to automatically mark images based on your defined rule, or you can mark them manually.

If you want to show only exact duplicates, click View->Show Duplicates->File Copies Only. There are also options to select result list view mode and sorting on View menu.

The last step is click Delete buton from menu to delete marked images.

Deleted images and orphaned duplicate groups (groups that no longer have duplicates) are not removed from result list but instead set hidden. You can view them by unchecking View -> Hide Orphaned Groups and then View -> Hide Deleted Images.

More over, deleted images' thumbnails are also saved if you choose Preserve Thumbnails option when deleting. This is useful if you want to keep history of what you have deleted especially when combined with save result feature.

Save (optional)
You can save the result by selecting Search -> Save from menu. To open it later select Search -> Open. To view event log select Search -> View log. This log contains the history of events sorted by date and time (events such as performing search or deleting images).

That's it ! that's the basic idea to use PhotoDeduper to find and remove duplicate pictures and photos. If you have any questions, suggestions, bug report or feedback don't hesitate to contact me by clicking Help->Give Feedback from menu or from this page.

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