Auto Mark All But One Option Examples

Supposedly this is our result list:

and we auto mark it like this:

The result is:

Notice that on group no. 1, first and third image are not marked because they have equal file size. The same for images on group no. 3

Now, we auto mark it again but this time turn on Mark all but one on each group

option like this:

All but one images on each group will be marked, even though some of them have an equal file size.

Basically this option will mark images based on selected rule and then mark the rest until there is only one unmarked image on each group.

If we want to mark groups which only contain smaller sized image, we can do it by turning on Ignore groups which don't contain any matched item option like this:

The result is:

There's no images marked on group no. 3 because no smaller sized image on that group.
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